From Poprad to Espoo


I am very happy and excited to be back in Espoo for my 3rd season.

Well, it was not easy to leave back home to Slovakia after last lost final game. Dissapointment was just huge.. You know, when you are sitting in the locker room after 2nd period of deciding 5th final game, winning 2:1 and you feel like this is it, we can do it and then.. then u just stay there with silver medals on your neck, few tears in your eyes and watching the other team celebrate.. it hurts. Anyway time by time you understand how big thing we just did..For me it was still one of the biggest moment in my hockey carrer. Of course you have a million question in your head asking over and over again but than u feel something is missing and you want more.. you want to win.. you want the trophy...

After I came back to Slovakia I had some school stuff to do and then I started with my off ice practices. I was practicing almost every day with my conditioning coach. We did all the basic and necessary stuff for hockey players, maybe a bit difference was to have a practices in the mountains. My hometown Poprad is under a High Tatras mountains so all coaches like to prepare you there. Players are usually calling it "hell". But "the hell" makes you stronger.

10 weeks of off ice was over and there was a little space for rest and holidays. After that I started with on ice in Poprad with u18 boys team and than finally off to Finland to be with the team for a preparation period.

In Finland womens hockey is on very high level if I compare to Slovakia. Last two seasons here helped me to improved everything. The league is faster, players are more skillful, the attitude from everyone in the team has very professional character and many others.

So back to preparation period. Instead of practices we started with a lot of very good games against two Russian teams and HPK. I think for a first games it wasn't bad. We tried to skate hard and play brave with great goalies in the net. Of course there is still long way to make it perfect. Now the team has little bit changed. We have some new players or old player back in the team and it looks the team will be better and stronger. I m very exciting to be again a part of such a great organization and teammates here in Espoo and I hope together we can touch the cup this season. Thats the thing we all want.